Available on PCs (full-size and mini versions), iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet and Native App 


Roulette really is all about the wheel and that little ball. To ensure it looks just like the real thing we've created a 3D effect wheel with perfect ball movement, reflections and shadows. Our versions also include the following key features: 

  • Intuitive and responsive UI’s, to ensure bet placement is simple, functional and comfortable
  • The ability to see what bets you’ve placed while the ball is spinning (iPad, tablet and Flash)
  • Game history
  • Neighbour bets (iPad, tablet and Flash) 
  • On the Flash game, a number of configurable preferences, including:
    • Dealer voices
    • Spin length
    • Spindle design
    • Cloth colour 
    • The view of the wheel during the spin 


American Roulette
The same game as above -but this time with the standard American wheel layout, including double zero. 

American Roulette is available on PCs only