Available on PCs (full-size and mini versions), iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet and Native App 



Realistic Games has created the essence, flow, familiarity, and relaxed environment that the great game of Blackjack deserves. Our versions also include the following key features: 

  • Realistically smooth card and chip movement 
  • Multi-box versions (5 for Flash, iPad and tablet; 3 for phone) that allow cards and card totals to be seen clearly by players
  • Intuitive and responsive UI’s, to ensure bet placement is simple, functional and comfortable 
  • A number of configurable preferences, including: choice of cloth colour, choice of cards, dealer voice, insurance options, automatic stand, in-game warnings to ensure players don’t stand or take a card in error and configurable game command buttons to suit the way players interact with their iPad / tablet. Preferences are stored against the player’s profile and loaded on their next visit 
We can adapt the game to offer virtually any variant rule set, including the traditional European rules that are found in UK casinos. In its current form the game offers: 
  • 5 boxes (3 on phone)
  • Double any 2 cards 
  • Split any 2 cards of the same value 
  • 6 decks, shuffled after each hand