Blackjack (Mini Games)

The objective of the game of Blackjack is to achieve as close a value to 21 as possible, with 2 or more cards and beat the dealer’s score. If the dealer’s score is above 21 then all remaining hands are winners.

Players can bet on up to 3 boxes at once. The first 2 cards on each box can be split or doubled, where the rules allow. The game has an engaging pace, an element of skill and is played with 6 decks of cards which are shuffled at the start of every new game.

Game Details

  • Game Name Blackjack
  • Game Type Mini Game
  • Maximum Payout Configurable
  • Key Features Mini version of our Blackjack game
  • RTP 99.59%
  • Technology Flash
  • Supported Browsers Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge
  • Supported Platforms Desktop
  • Languages 17
  • Release Date 24th March 2011

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