CasinoBeats Q&A: The Future of Bonus Buy

CasinoBeats article

Enhancing player options in adjusting stakes has always been a focus for regulators. On the other hand, players value the freedom to enjoy slots their way. Bonus buy features exemplify this balance.

Recently, Play ‘n Go surveyed Swedish players, with 55% supporting a ban on this feature. To gain wider opinions, CasinoBeats consulted industry experts, streamers, and affiliates, including our very own Account Manager, Amy Brewis.

Q: With the vast majority of gambling done so responsibly, are there any other approaches, other than the ultimate sanction that could work?

A: The availability of choice, aligned with robust and proportionate responsible gambling measures must be the way forward to ensure a healthy regulated gambling market that works for all stakeholders and limits the impact and relevance of grey market forces.

Age restrictions for bonus buys or offering the ability for players to disable the feature may be considered among sensible steps to addressing any dissatisfaction rather than a blanket ban. Limits on the number of times players can purchase the bonus could also work, but there will always be a section of the player base that would object to any restrictions. Working with player communities and reaching consultative solutions are likely to enjoy the most success.

Q: Is this player opinion shared across geos?

A: This is not something we have conducted huge amounts of research on, however, could be an opinion shared across the more regulated markets. Some of the feedback we’ve seen in recent months tends to suggest there is a level of demand for a ban, but like so many other issues concerning gambling in general it is difficult to come to a definitive conclusion without further consultation. 

Q: Has there been any adverse effects of banning bonus buys in the regions where this has been implemented already?

A: Not so much an adverse effect, but it could have played a role in the way markets have evolved, where players prefer medium volatility games that offer more frequent wins. We’ve seen that players in such jurisdictions may not stay in a game as long because of the time it takes to get to the bonus, so it appears that bonus buys being unavailable has influenced play patterns.

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