Destination Atlantis Launches Exclusively with William Hill

Grab your mask and throw on your scuba gear, as we get ready to dive into a magical portal with Destination Atlantis. Launching exclusively with William Hill on Tuesday 29th August, the ancient wonder of the lost city of Atlantis is what inspired the 6-reel online slot. The wild-multiplier reel-focused game is being released to the rest of the network on September 7th.

Exclusive Launch with William Hill

William Hill is a British-based company and one of the most well-known and prominent bookmakers and gambling organisations in the world. Established in 1934, it initially started as a postal and telephone betting service. Over the years, William Hill expanded its operations to include online betting, casinos, and various gambling-related services.

The company gained a reputation for its sports betting services, offering odds and taking bets on a wide range of sporting events. This includes horse racing, football (soccer), tennis, and more. So it goes without saying, that we are very excited to have Destination Atlantis launch with the renowned bookmaker.

Amy Brewis, Account Manager at Realistic Games says: “We are really excited to do our first exclusive release with William Hill. It is a great opportunity for their UK players to get a first look at Destination Atlantis. We are thrilled to be continuously evolving our relationship with them.”

About Destination Atlantis

Played across six reels in a variety of sizes (3x7x7x7x7x3), the title has thematic symbols such as diving equipment, scientists and explorers. These must form a matching combination across the 3,969 winning ways to award a win.

With video game vibes integrated into the gameplay, this latest title is more immersive than all other ones to date. The storyline captivates the player and keeps them hooked, as they try to activate all four portals in order to enter and see the fabled city of Atlantis.

Destination Atlantis

Of course, achieving this results in seeing an epic portal spin at the end of the bonus round and for the chance of a big win potential.

Destination Atlantis Game Features

Wild Multiplier

Reels three and four hold the key to immense rewards as they independently transform into wild multipliers between x3 and x7. The bonus round then expands the thrill with reels two, three, four and five also turning into wild multipliers. There’s plenty of wild multipliers, which bring you closer to untold riches in the legendary lost city.

Destination Atlantis Wild Multiplier

Free Spins in Bonus Round

Unleash the power of the free spins and prepare for epic wins. At least three scatters are required to enter the bonus round, with more scatters granting up to a maximum of 50 spins and one portal spin.

Destination Atlantis free spins

During the bonus, the game board expands to encompass 21,609 pay lines. Here, any multiplier wild reels landed will activate that reel and become a guaranteed multiplier wild reel during the final portal spin. Expect a boost in wins and potentially awarding up to four multiplier wild reels.


Destination Atlantis provides numerous ante bets which empower players to engage with the slot in a way that aligns with their personal betting preferences. Additionally, the buildable mechanics in the free spins round create a crescendo of excitement and big win potential. This slot follows other notable recent hits such as Shinobi Moon, Catch 22 and Chilli Master.