ICE Totally Gaming 2018 – Realistic Games Update Day 1

As another ICE begins, many casino suppliers will be showcasing their latest slot games, which have come on leaps and bounds in recent times thanks to persistent innovation in the sector. According to Realistic Games’ newly-appointed commercial director Robert Lee, the same has not been the case when it comes to online table games. He believes a commoditisation of the genre has nullified development in this area – and stymied profits in the process.

Lee said: “There is often a mistaken assumption that one roulette wheel is the same as another, and that the turn of a blackjack hand is the same on every casino. This has led some operators and suppliers to believe that returns will be the same – but we’ve found that to be the opposite of what really happens.”

Lee believes he may have the answer and along with the Realistic Games team will be giving operator partners a preview of their exciting new 3D roulette, Realistic Roulette this week. Visitors will also be able to catch a glimpse of the game on the big screens around ICE. The forthcoming game boasts true to life ball movement, authentic sounds as well as a 3D angle that allows the player to view the action from anywhere around the table.

Realistic believe that the new product will prove equally as popular among table games players who began playing in the land-based environment as it will to a younger generation brought-up on the sophisticated graphics that are now common place in the gaming industry.

As suppliers and operators look to present players with equally sophisticated slots games over the next three days, it will be interesting to see how table games follow suit in 2018.