Realistic Games launches Game Changer to network

Reading, 27th February 2020 – Award-winning content developer Realistic Games has released its ground-breaking new slot Game Changer to its entire network, featuring the supplier’s innovative new game concept of the same name.

Following a successful exclusivity period with the GVC group, Realistic partners will now have access to the 5-reel, 20 line slot. The bonus feature is triggered by boxed symbols landing around the edge of the slot to form a game board. Players then roll the dice to move around the board, landing on either a cash prize, a good square or a bad square and can win up to 6000x their stake. With 324 million potential board combinations, players should never see the same board twice.

Cash squares award players between 1x-6x their stake, the Game Changer square lights up the Game Changer sign above the slot and awards 50x stake once fully lit. Good Squares such as Win All Prizes, Level Up! or Random Stop can improve a player’s feature, whereas Bad Squares such as Double Trouble, Roll Even or Take Prize have the potential to end it.

Game Changer marks the launch of a new series of upcoming slots from the supplier, all featuring the board game mechanic. Realistic will launch 5 games initially over the first half of the year, and each of the games will have different variations of the board game concept.

Robert Lee, Commercial Director of Realistic Games, said: “Game Changer has truly lived up to its name so far after a hugely successful launch with GVC and we are excited to release the innovative new title across our network of valued partners.

“With a host of titles featuring Game Changer bonus rounds waiting in the wings, the concept is primed to become the next big thing in casino slot entertainment, introducing a concept never seen before that is capturing a wide-ranging audience.”