There’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of this rainbow!

Everyone enjoys a bit of Blackjack, and players will love the new side bet feature on this timeless classic!

To keep things interesting, thirty five random cards are ‘painted’ in rainbow colours before the deal. If the first card dealt is a coloured card, the player wins their side bet multiplied by the value shown! The excitement builds if the second card is also a coloured card, as the win is also multiplied by the value of that card! Then things get really crazy if if both cards are the same colour, as the side bet is then multiplied by the set multiplier shown on the cloth (up to 5,000x). 

To keep the player’s options open, they also have the choice to play the side bet without playing the standard blackjack game – making it a great alternative to the classic format. 

It’s simple, pacy and adds an extra level of excitement with all the colours of the rainbow in play!