Rainbow Blackjack

Rainbow Blackjack is a standard Blackjack game with a new and exciting side bet.

35 random cards are ‘painted’ in rainbow colours before the deal. If the first card dealt is a coloured card, the player wins their side bet multiplied by the value shown! If the second card is also a coloured card, the win is also multiplied by the second card! If both cards are the same colour, the side bet is multiplied by the set multiplier shown on the cloth (up to 5,000x!).

Players can play the side bet without playing Blackjack too!

Video: Matching Pair

Video: Mixed Pair

Video: First card

  • Game Name Rainbow Blackjack
  • Game Type Casino
  • Maximum Payout Configurable
  • Key Features Proprietary Side Bet / Switches boxes between views
  • RTP 96.98% - 99.59%
  • Technology HTML5
  • Supported Browsers Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge
  • Supported Platforms All HTML5 Supported
  • Languages 17
  • Release Date November 2021