Snakes & Ladders Game Changer

Snakes & Ladders Game Changer is a 5-reel slot game with multiple features including a 400 square Snakes & Ladders board! Form any one of over a billion available game boards to start the Game Changer bonus round. Roll random dice to progress up the Snakes & Ladders board picking up prizes along the way. Depending on the Game Changer board layout, a number of other features may be available, with the player winning the total of all prizes collected!

In certain jurisdictions Bonus Buys are available, allowing the player to purchase one of six different game boards.

Video: Jackpot on reels

Video: Bonus Buy 2,360x

Video: Bonus Buy 650x

Video: Bonus Buy 428x

Video: Bonus Buy 270x

Video: Bonus Buy 172x

Video: Bonus Buy 162x

Video: Toco Toucan bonus

Video: Loot Ladder bonuns

Video: Pot bonus

Video: Squirrel Monkey bonus

  • Game Name Snakes & Ladders Game Changer
  • Game Type Slots: 5 Reels
  • Maximum Payout 5,000 x Bet
  • Win Lines 20
  • Key Features Snakes & Ladders board and 4 mini games
  • RTP 96.10%
  • Technology HTML5
  • Supported Browsers Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge
  • Supported Platforms All HTML5 Supported
  • Languages 17
  • Release Date 25th March 2021
  • Volatility High