Time Is Money®

Three clocks gets you into the feature round with 12 spins, four clocks means 24 spins and five will start you off with 48 free spins!

Each win within the feature round will be multiplied by up to 12x, selected from the time travelling clock. When all multipliers are eliminated, the jackpot is won.

  • Maximum payout of 250 x Bet
  • 20 win lines
  • Clock Multiplier & Jackpot Bonus

Game Details

  • Game name Time Is Money®
  • Game Type Slots: 5 Reels
  • Maximum Payout 250 x Bet
  • Win Lines 20
  • Key Features Free Spins with Clock multiplier and Jackpot Bonus
  • RTP 95.45%
  • Technology HTML5
  • Supported Browsers Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge
  • Supported Platforms All HTML5 Supported
  • Languages 17
  • Release Date 2nd February 2017 (20th June 2017 HTML5)
  • Volatility Low

Contact Details



Realistic Games Ltd
8th Floor North
Reading Bridge House
Reading Bridge
George Street

Berkshire , RG1 8LS